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How to Write a Bestselling Novel with AI (Course)
How to Write a Bestselling Novel with AIUnlock Your Creativity and Master AI-Supported StorytellingAre you a first-time novelist excited by the potential of technology? Do you dream of writing a bestseller but feel overwhelmed by where to start? Welcome to “How to Write a Bestselling Novel with AI,” the ultimate course that combines the art of storytelling with cutting-edge AI tools.Why Choose This Course?Comprehensive Training: This isn’t just a “write me a best-selling novel” prompt. In over 5+ hours of in-depth video documentation, I will guide you through every phase of the novel-writing process—from initial idea to final publication.Expert Guidance: Learn from me, an active novelist and teacher, as I share my tried-and-true tactics and techniques. Get personalized feedback and support to refine your story.Custom Prompts: Discover the exact prompts I use to craft compelling narratives. I provide a master document with all my prompts, giving you the freedom to use them directly or draw inspiration to create your own.What You’ll Unlock:1. Understanding Popular Stories: Break down what makes a story popular. Learn the elements of a bestseller and how to weave them into your narrative.2. Idea Generation: Use AI to brainstorm and refine your story ideas. Transform a spark into a fully-fledged plot.3. Story Development: Craft characters, settings, and plotlines with AI assistance (and using a custom tool I designed for endless character inspiration). Ensure your story is engaging and cohesive.4. Writing Techniques: Enhance your writing with AI tools that provide suggestions, improve your prose, and maintain consistency.5. Editing and Revising: Learn to use AI for efficient editing, helping you polish your manuscript to perfection.6. Marketing and Publishing: Navigate the complexities of marketing your novel and publishing in print and ebook formats. Reach your audience effectively.7. Design and Build: Discover what makes an appealing cover and how to target future ravenous readers to your book8. Stay Organized and Motivated: Learn the little things that keep you focused on your goal of publicationWho Is This Course For?This course is designed for first-time novel writers who are passionate about leveraging technology to enhance their storytelling. But experienced authors who think writing with AI is low effort or cheating will also benefit from seeing how AI tools can augment and accelerate their current expertise.Whether you’re tech-savvy or just curious about how AI can assist your creative process, you’ll find valuable insights and practical tools to help you succeed.Additional Benefits:- Flexible Learning: Access the course materials anytime, anywhere. Learn at your own pace and revisit the content as needed.- Lifetime Access: Once you enroll, you’ll have lifetime access to all course updates and new content.- Instructor Support: Get lost or confused along the way? Stay in touch to get your questions answered about the processEnroll Now and Start Your Journey to Becoming a Bestselling Author!Transform your writing with the power of AI. Enroll in “How to Write a Bestselling Novel with AI” today and take the first step towards creating a novel that captivates readers and stands out in the market.Let’s create something extraordinary together!This course is also available to members of HAC Studios: Backstage. Hit the button below for details.Get course access

Fast-Track Author: Craft, Launch & Sell Your Non-Fiction Book in 30 Days or Less
Become a Published Author in 30 Days (or Less!)Do these sound familiar?- “I don’t know where to start with my book idea.”- “I’m too busy to find time to write.”- “I’m afraid my writing isn’t good enough.”- “I have no idea how to publish a book.”- “I don’t have a huge budget for marketing.“This course provides a detailed roadmap to take you from idea to author in less than a month!What You Get:- Daily writing action plan: Tackle your book in small, achievable chunks and overcome procrastination.- AI-powered writing shortcuts: Generate ideas, beat writer’s block, and speed up your writing process.- Step-by-step launch strategy: Learn how to prepare your book and reach readers without breaking the bank.- Supportive author community: Connect with like-minded individuals for encouragement and support.Everything you need to write, publish, and sell your book fast!Creator’s Note: As a 10x published author, I know what it takes to overcome obstacles and achieve your writing dreams. I published my military biography in under 30 days. It debuted #1 on the Amazon new Air Force Biographies list.And peaked at #3 on all Air Force BiographiesThese techniques work. Let me show you the way.Want to make sure it’s worth it? Here’s what you’ll unlock:- How to craft a compelling book idea and outline: Find your focus and structure your book for impact.- Proven techniques for writing your book quickly: Stay motivated and make consistent progress.- Strategies for launching your book on a budget: Get your book into the world affordably.- Simple tactics to get your first book sales: Build an audience and start generating revenue- Advice to create your book cover: Attract the right readersStart your author journey today!

Plot Like a Pro: Unlock Your Novel’s Purpose
Unlock the Power of AI-Assisted Novel WritingLearn to Plot Like a Pro and Write Your Debut Novel with ConfidenceAre you an aspiring novelist with a story to tell but feeling overwhelmed by the writing process? Do you struggle with organizing your ideas and crafting a compelling plot that captivates readers? Look no further! This FREE mini-course, “Plot Like a Pro: Craft a Purpose-Driven Novel with AI-Assisted Writing,” is here to revolutionize your writing journey.What You’ll Learn:In this comprehensive guide, you’ll discover the secrets to developing a strong theme, creating a purposeful plot, and harnessing the power of AI to bring your story to life. You’ll learn how to:1. Uncover the heart of your story with the Thematic Discovery Worksheet2. Craft a compelling plot that reinforces your theme at every turn3. Use AI-generated prompts to expand your ideas and overcome writer’s block4. Develop unforgettable characters and engaging subplots5. Refine your climax for maximum emotional impactWhy AI-Assisted Writing?AI-assisted writing is a game-changer for novelists. By leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, you can:- Generate fresh ideas and unique plot twists - Develop your existing ideas into something memorable- Develop complex characters and intricate subplots - Create a captivating story- Overcome writer’s block and maintain a steady writing momentum - Stop getting stuck writing- Refine your writing style and enhance your storytelling skills - FASTThis guide demystifies the AI-assisted writing process, providing you with practical tips and real-world examples to help you integrate this innovative approach seamlessly into your writing routine.Don’t let doubt and disorganization hold you back any longer. Download “Plot Like a Pro” today and start your journey towards becoming a published novelist!

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