Are websites dead?

The resurrection of an internet staple
Are websites dead?

"Websites are dead."

They are for those who don't know how to use them in 2023.

Back in the early internet days everything happened on the website. (Business, shopping, educating customers, sales etc.)

Now things have changed.

Social media is often the beginning and end of the audience experience, leaving most websites to gather virtual cobwebs with disuse.

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But websites are still valuable assets.


Why websites are still important

A couple of reasons:

1. They still send a powerful professional message (you look more legit)

2. It can be a hub that you own (not the mega tech companies)

3. You can provide exclusive access to certain aspects of your work (make deeper connections which means a higher quality audience in the long run)

"Yeah, yeah these are all great, but getting eyes off of social and to a website is a pain in a$$" - one might say.


My website traffic is slow, BUT it also allows me to soak up random hits from passersby on Google.

THAT's useful.

Which is why I spent 5 hrs this morning streamlining mine for the modern "age of convenience.”

Website overhaul

Here’s a list of the major changes I made to my site:

- moved all important information to the homepage (including testimonials, key project information, services etc.)

(make it SUPER easy to find things)

- added visuals to everything

(old websites rely heavily on copy, but now we live in a visual heavy world.

add a few to give clarity to your words)~~confession: some of mine are just screenshots

- trimmed down the menu bar options

these make it difficult to find things and add friction to the website experience.

remove as many options to focus visitors to your best stuff

- included details for what visitors will find on my socials

most people include the obligatory social icons somewhere on their site

the problem: no one has any idea what to expect if they check out your profiles (which they usually don't)

Instead, treat your social links like any other form of content. Sell it!

- Why should someone bother to look at your Twitter?

- What will they find?

- Why's it worth their time?

Answering these questions will help more people find your work. (At least that's what I'm hoping will happen.)

- included my newsletter opt-in at the beginning and end

because you gotta do it (you own your list, it's a powerful asset)

Why don’t you have one??

With all the AI tools in old and new software tools, it's never been easier to set up a website.

If you have one and haven't looked at it in awhile, maybe it's time for an update.

If you don't have one, what are you waiting for?? set one up with you name or business on it to stake your claim to some internet real estate. (there's plenty of room out here)

Need some ideas?

Check out my revamped website for inspiration.

Websites aren't dead. They're very much alive.

A foundational component for anyone who wants to seriously share and spread ideas online.

Set one up today!

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