How to Build Skills and Rebuild Trust In Modern Society

Small groups, not scale

The following is a thread I posted on X/Twitter on Jun 13, 2024.

I'm organizing an accountability cohort for learning the following skills:

- Novel Writing

- Japanese

- Drawing

- Chinese

- Editing

- Fijian

Interested in picking any of these up?

Read on for details.

One of the many challenges of learning anything in modern times is not getting distracted by other topics. We like novelty. In the age of infinite information, it's incredibly easy to start a hobby or habit.

But that comes at a cost.

It means dropping or overshadowing existing ones. The result is an endless string of attempts with nothing to show for it but a screwed up social timeline. It makes you feel like shit to see the progress you could have made if only you'd stayed with one thing.

What can u do?

Projects. I've combated my own "shiny object syndrome" by committing to several long term projects. These have allowed me to build smaller skills while the long term goal comes together one day at a time.

But it's not that simple.

Every day, week, month is a chance to get blown off course. Showing up and grinding the same resource, viewing glacial progress while you FOMO other potentially more productive or lucrative activities is VERY HARD to do alone.

How can you stay on track?

A group. Even though most social platforms have turned into algorithmically run popularity contests, most are here to connect, share ideas etc. The best way to do that is not through the endless scroll, but through small groups striving toward a common goal.

My solution.

Micro-mission skill groups. What are they? Groups of no more than 6 individuals who are serious about acquiring or improving in a given domain.

What do you get?

- Accountability

- Progress toward a larger goal

- Connections to valuable resources

- Feedback from others who are improving

- Personal exposure to your work, business or brand

- Future friends, business partners, lovers?? (maybe)

One of the many sad aspects of our current age is the dwindling trust in large institutions. I've seen that extend to the person-to-person level.

This is a travesty. Because ultimately we all want the same things, how we go about getting them differs.

I see this as a chance to not only learn something new, but to reconnect with others to discover not-so-hidden similarities we all share.

If you'd be interested in joining one of these micro-mission skill groups for the above or future skills, like this post or send me a DM (or email).

I'll send details from there.

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