Giving a secondary character something to do

For when ideas are lacking

Writing method: AI co-writing

Word count: 1504

I have to say goodbye to my computer for a while, so this will be a quick update.

Today's session began with uncertainty. I had no idea what I wanted (or needed) to write for the story.

Ultimately, I went with focusing on Yumi Nakamura, Zena's best friend. She's a boisterous sidekick characters who's perfect for bringing the tension down after the last few chapters battling the demon colossus.

At first, I wasn't sure how to set the scene. She was talking and drinking (one of her established character traits) going on about the crazy shit she, Zena, and Nigel did in the last chapter. But I had a glimpse of something else.

She has powers? Yeah I took it there. At the suggestion of my AI co-writing buddy, I gifted her the power to see glimpses of the future. I know, I know this power is an anime cliche. But it does serve as a way to give the protagonists some insight into what the bad guys are doing.

Overall the chapter was fun.

Yumi gets drunk, tells Zena to appreciate life (they're all lucky to be alive), and reveals images of an upcoming scene.

Great work.

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