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Gates of Okinawa
An Alien Fiction Novel

Cereus & Limnic: Definitive Collection
A military science fiction story with big ideas, Cereus & Limnic tells the story of two rival organizations locked in a bitter struggle for the future of humanity. One conflict will decide the fate of millions in this spectacular work of fiction.This book will guide you to greater insight about human society and how to change it for a brighter future.What You Get:Cereus & Limnic (Novel Only) 📖 An electronic copy of the Cereus & Limnic novel (495 pages) ($20 Value)Cereus & Limnic: Definitive Collection 📖 An electronic copy of the Cereus & Limnic novel (495 pages) ($20 Value)🎧 67 episodes of the Cereus & Limnic Audiodrama Podcast (AD-FREE, REMASTERED) in mp3 format (21 hrs 17 mins of audio) ($30 Value)📕 DLC STORY: “Operation Silent Thunder” The Legend of Cheeks (7500+ words) ($10 Value)🎵 28 Original songs (1 hr 40 mins of music) ($20 Value)🎞️ Mini- Documentary: One Man Show - “Making of Cereus & Limnic” ($30 Value)🎨 21 Pieces of original story artwork ($30 Value)🎧 20 Episodes of Cereus & Limnic: Behind-the-book Podcast (mp3 files) (6 hrs 11 mins of audio) ($30 Value)🎮 Instant access to Cereus & Limnic: Circular Dungeon Room (Game) ($10 Value)🎮 Instant access to Sci-fi Color Battle (Game) ($10 Value)🔊 Audio log - Plans for Cereus & Limnic 2 and 3 ($10 Value)Cereus & Limnic: Definitive Collection + Video Novel📕 Everything in Cereus & Limnic: Definitive Collection🎞️ 21+ hrs of video 🎨 60+ story images🎞️ 8 YouTube videos with the full storyOperation Silent Thunder: The Legend of Cheeks (DLC ONLY)📕 DLC STORY: “Operation Silent Thunder” The Legend of Cheeks (7500+ words) ($10 Value)

Sync Whole: A Cereus & Limnic Novella: Hayden, Keith: 9798990435650: Books
Sync Whole: A Cereus & Limnic Novella [Hayden, Keith] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Sync Whole: A Cereus & Limnic Novella

Shadowbanned - A Philosophical Science Fiction Novelette
Unravel the Digital Abyss with “Shadowbanned”🔍 Go Deep into the Digital World For the modern man who finds solace in the vastness of X, “Shadowbanned” is more than just a novel—it’s a reflection of our intertwined lives with the digital realm. Every X-post, every DM, every ignored email—it’s all too familiar. Yet, how often do we stop to think about the ramifications of our online actions?🌐 Features:A unique narrative told through X-posts, DMs, and emails, mirroring the way we communicate today.Speculative fiction that marries the virtual with the very real emotions of isolation, betrayal, and self-discovery.Engaging plot twists that will keep you hooked till the last page.🧠 Benefits:Deep Thought Provoking: Dive deep into the psyche of Matt, a character who could very well be any of us, navigating the challenges of the digital age.A Speculative Journey: Explore speculative scenarios where AI understands, interacts, and even empathizes with human emotions.Relatable Struggles: From the highs of virality to the lows of shadowbanning, relate to the rollercoaster of emotions tied to our digital personas.Insights into Human-AI Relationships: Ponder on the ever-evolving relationship between humans and AI, as seen through Matt’s unique bond with BOTsy.📖 Journey with Matt: From the initial hints of isolation to the depths of despair and the eventual ray of hope, join Matt as he navigates the labyrinth of X. Experience the allure of a mysterious DM, the sting of betrayal, and the profound realization of AI understanding. And just when you think you’ve figured it all out, brace yourself for a twist that brings a whole new perspective to the world of algorithms and social platforms.Why Read “Shadowbanned”? For every man aged 25-44 who’s ever felt the weight of the digital age, this book is a mirror to your experiences. It’s a call to introspection, a nudge to think about where we’re headed, and a gentle reminder of the very human emotions that drive our virtual actions.“Shadowbanned” isn’t just a story—it’s an experience. One that promises to linger long after you’ve turned the last page.Get your copy now to embark on a journey that promises to redefine the way you perceive the digital realm. 🌌🔗Reviews

Maldives Madness: English to Japanese Lingua Fiction Book
Boost your Japanese proficiency and confidence with an epic sports drama set in an exotic locale!Your choices matter as you follow two friends to a mysterious athletic competition to an elite Maldives resort. This interactive choose-your-own story captures all the excitement of classic sports anime. But it won’t just entertain you - it’ll greatly improve your Japanese ability too!Power Up Your Vocabulary With “Language Bridge” SectionsThe “Language Bridge” sections seamlessly reinforce the vocabulary you need for fluent conversation after every chapter. You’ll master key words and phrases with the fluidity of a Haikyuu!! character. Your reading will become smooth and natural.Train Your Ear With Authentic Audio Authentic audio recordings will prepare your ear for real Japanese. You’ll understand spoken dialogue at natural speed in no time!Reading is the best way to rapidly improve your ability to communicate with and access authentic Japanese media, culture, and relationships.Get the Book Now to Start Leveling Up Your Japanese! About the AuthorMy name is Keith Hayden.I’ve lived in Okinawa, Japan for a total of 4 years. I deeply enjoy the Japanese language and culture. I’m also fascinated by stories and cultures of all kinds.During a magnificent vacation to the Maldives in September 2023, I decided to begin writing this book.Many of the scenarios and scenery in the story are based on my time at the resort (but the story is completely fictional). Throughout my nearly 2 decades learning Japanese, reading has been one of the activities I’ve avoided the most.If you’ve been learning Japanese for a little while, you know why.It’s HARD. And it takes a long time to read anything interesting without relying on English translations.After years of putting it off (a few of those living and working in Japan) I decided I was done with not understanding Japanese.2023 would be THE year I finally learned to read. So this year I’ve gone. in.After hundreds of hours of grinding tools like WaniKani, The Kanji Study app, Pimsleur, and countless podcasts, I’ve moved closer to my goal, but I’m still not there yet, though I’m improving daily.Why tell you this story?I want you to know you’re not alone in learning this language. Like you I’ve been in the trenches with Japanese. It’s a hard language that I’ve seen many people quit before reaching their goals with it.Hell, I’ve quit at least 3 times over the years. It was too hard. I didn’t have enough time etc. etc. (you know all the reasons/excuses).But I came back, and now I’m beginning to see the result of all the time I’ve put into it. You can too.While this book isn’t “the only thing you need to learn Japanese” it is another strong step in your long journey to Japanese proficiency. You stand to unlock lucrative jobs, unseen opportunities to connect with Japanese culture, deeper relationships and more with this potentially life-changing step.Will you take it?

Island of Souls: A Fantasy Sci-Fi Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Story
Sometimes adventure is a choice, choose wisely.Brother and sister Kaito and Hana couldn’t be more different.But when they discover a mysterious scroll, they’ll be forced to confront fear and danger together.Join them as they embark on a perilous quest to outwit twin death gods and fulfill a mystical prophecy.With Okinawan folklore at its core, the adventure is steeped in the rich culture and mysteries of the island.How will your adventure unfold?Multiple Endings Await!Your choices steer the fates of Kaito and Hana through trials and revelations.Will they succeed in their quest or face the grim consequences of their actions?You decide!Okinawa Folklore Comes to LifeMeet legendary creatures like the robotic Shisa.Explore enchanted caves as you unravel the ancient secrets of Okinawan mythology—reimagined for the sci-fi age!Stunning VisualsAnime style visuals will immerse you into this future-fantasy version of Okinawa, Japan.See the story leap off the screen, grab and pull you in!Perfect for Fans of Anime and MangaWith vibrant characters, suspenseful storytelling, and deep lore, “Island of Souls” is a must-read for young adventurers aged 8-14 who love anime and manga (or adults who are fans of the same).Don’t just read a story—LIVE IT! Unfold the adventure, embrace the challenges, and discover multiple endings in “Island of Souls.“Grab your copy and begin the journey today!About the AuthorMy name is Keith Hayden.I’ve lived in Okinawa, Japan for a total of 4 years. I deeply enjoy the Japanese language and culture. I’m also fascinated by technology and stories of all kinds.So I combined my passions into this book!I loved choose-your-own-adventure books when I was growing up. So I’m so excited to share my interpretation of the genre with you.I hope you like it!




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Hayden: Brave

A revealing military autobiography

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The Ultimate Guide to Writing a Living Biography
You want to document your military experience, but you’re not a writer. What can you do?The Ultimate Guide to Writing a Living Biography will help you write your personal history in a way that compels, builds authority, or archives your valuable wisdom.It includes best practices and templates that will help you:Get the proper materials to tell your story - Say goodbye to confusion!Start writing immediately - Feel accomplished with your progress!Extract and cultivate the best stories from your career - Be recognized for your accomplishments!Produce a valuable asset and compilation of experience - Get security and satisfaction from helping othersYou can write your story, no prior writing experience required, with this guide.As a member of the military community, your the story of your service and sacrifice deserves and needs to be heard.Get The Ultimate Guide to Writing a Living Biography today to preserve your legacy, share your knowledge, and tell your story to people everywhere.

The Tower of Babbling: A Self-Study Guide for Independent Learners of ANY Foreign Language
If I’ve learned anything about learning foreign languages over the years, it’s this:It can be very hard and frustrating.Sure we have technology (AI translation, text-to-speech, apps to translate speech in real time etc.) but being able to articulate your thoughts comfortably, without a smartphone or computer wedged in between you and another person just hits different.Although I love that tech has broken language barriers and allowed relationships in all forms to flourish, it’s not the same as doing the very human exercise of communicating in another person’s mother tongue. (Even if you talk like a 5-year-old.)I’ve seen how powerful knowing even basic words in a foreign language can be in my life time and time again. It’s helped me:Break the ice with potential business partnersGet IN to desired social situationsGet OUT of dicey social situationsMake traveling the world a breezeConnect with friends and family on a deeper levelI could go on and on here. Bottom line, being able to communicate (without tech) in a foreign language is a force multiplier in our highly connected world.And I want to help you achieve the same advantages I’ve reaped from it over the years.The only problem is learning a language is hard.Here’s why:It takes a lot of resources (time, money)It takes a lot of effort You have to look, feel, and sound like an idiot before you can do anything with itIt’s difficult to navigate the endless sea of internet tools, courses, YouTube channels etc. to know where to begin or how to proceedIt’s tough to stay motivated over the long haul. (Why learn when you can download the latest translation app?)These are all frustrations I’ve experienced over my years of learning Japanese, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese and other languages to decent levels of proficiency.These are also the reasons why I wrote this book. To create a comprehensive resource for myself and others that helps guide you through this daunting process.I wrote the The Tower of Babbling to help you, an independent language learner, reach your language goals.Whether those goals include traveling with confidence, precision flirting with a person you’re interested in, or reaching professional literacy, this book has you covered.Specifically it includes strategies and techniques (for ANY language) that will help you:Self-assess your level of your desired target languageDetermine what tools you should use and the optimal time to use them in your studiesDiscover exercises and activities that will help you strengthen your proficiency in ALL language modalities (speaking, listening, reading, and writing)Increase your awareness of behaviors and activities to AVOID at certain levels of your training (the ones that slow down your progress)Understand when and how to self-assess your readiness to move on to more difficult language materialsAnd moreThis book takes into account that everyone has different paths to language proficiency. So I wrote each section in a way that presents options, yet allows you to customize your learning to best fit your unique life circumstances.Maybe you feel like you’re no good at learning languages?Perhaps you had an asshole for a language teacher in high school who convinced you that you’d never be able to learn one?I’m hear to tell you, don’t listen to that story. I didn’t. And I was able to break the mold and learn not just one but multiple languages.But I wasn’t always a language prodigy. In fact, I shouldn’t have become one at all.I grew up in a monolingual culture in the United States. Where I came up, it was common to make fun of other kids who didn’t “talk American” when they spoke Spanish or some other language. It was a part of the culture.In that environment, I took French in high school (don’t ask me why I took it in South Texas). Then did well enough with it to test into Japanese in college.My first days with Japanese were brutal. It was hard for me to wrap my brain around it and I wanted to quit. But I stuck with it. And here I am years later preparing to translate my novel in the language.I don’t want to make it sound so easy and simple. It wasn’t. It took a lot of time and consistent effort for me to make it this far.But as I’ve walked this path and improved my skill, proficiency, and (most importantly) my confidence with Japanese, new opportunities have come my way because of my willingness to learn, try, fail, and babble in a new language.The same opportunities will find you should you stick with your language for long enough.Let me be clear, my book alone will not help you achieve ALL of your language goals.But,It will help you construct a detailed roadmap to take you there.If you’ve always wanted to try and learn a language.If you’ve always wanted to try AGAIN and learn a language.If you desire to communicate freely, without tech getting in the way.The Tower of Babbling can help you get there. If you’re ready to go from language curious to language confidence, I invite you to pick it up today.

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