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Created character - Obaghn Mensa Highwater

DOB: 16 Apr 2032

Place of Birth: Kumasi, Ghana

Obaghn Mensa Highwater is the third adopted son of "The Matriarch". She adopted him under dire circumstances on a trip to Ghana when he was 2 years old.

Obaghn's Backstory

The Conservation Crossbow weighed heavy in Obaghn Mensah Highwater's hands, less a symbol of hope and more a reminder of everything he'd screwed up. The sun blazed down on his back, a far cry from the gentle Texas heat of his youth. He wasn't a Texan by blood, but by the grace of 'The Matriarch', the imposing woman who'd rescued him from a Ghanaian orphanage and carted him back to her sprawling ranch. A place where his academic brilliance and unconventional flair had found a sort of grudging acceptance.

Waxahachie High School was a blur of honors classes and simmering rebellion, a desperate bid to prove himself after… the incident. The Navy, that was supposed to be his golden ticket, his way to repay his mother's sacrifices. Five years and a dishonorable discharge later, he was back on the ranch, the weight of her disappointment heavier than any ocean.

His journey to Ghana wasn't about finding his roots - that chapter was closed. Yet, amidst the bustle of Kumasi markets, a spark of opportunity had flickered. The sea smugglers, with their promise of freedom and quick riches, had been a temporary escape, a way to spit in the eye of his privileged upbringing. It was there, along a salt-sprayed coastline, that he'd met her – a fiery scientist with dreams of harnessing emotions through nanotech. A whirlwind romance, a disastrous end, and a lingering love that haunted him like a ghost.

Now, here he was, a disgraced ex-sailor turned reluctant rebel, shoulder-to-shoulder with Amelio Khuni, his brilliant classmate, and his not-so-secret lover, the tyrant's very own daughter. Guilt gnawed at him, but even more potent was the intoxicating mix of pride and desperation. This quest… it could be the twisted path to redemption, a chance to prove himself at last – to his mother, to himself, and perhaps even to the woman whose memory he couldn't quite shake.

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